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Benefits of using Glass Hand Pipes
over 2 years ago


There are various methods of enjoying one’s smoke apart from the commonly known cigarette stick. Many smokers have enjoyed their favorite smoke brand by smoking through a pipe. This practice has existed for years. Nonetheless, nothing does it like smoking your tobacco out of the modern glass hand pipes. The glass hand pipes are beautifully designed and apart from this they also have got many other benefits. This article will highlight a few of the benefits of smoking from a glass hand pipe.


Glass hand pipes are stunning smoking accessories designed above all else to catch the eye of the smoker as well as any other art lover. The fact that the manufacturer uses glass to design the crafty shape of a pipe is awesome. Yet the inventors do not stop there but instead decorate and paint the glass hand pipes with attractive luminous colors. These pipes come in different shades, color and designs. Using one of these pipes is a statement of class. They do not come cheap and the smoker who opts to get one of this is simply saying ‘I am elegant and I love art’. It makes the smoker unique since it is not a common accessory. Find the best cheap bongs for sale or check out these cheap glass pipes.


The glass used to produce this type of accessory is a poor conductor of heat and this is good news for the smokers. Unlike metallic and ceramic hand pipes the glass pipe is slow in conducting heat. This means the smoker will enjoy his or her smoke without the worry of burning their fingers. In addition, because it doesn’t conduct heat rapidly, it burns the tobacco gradually and this serves to preserve the taste of the substance. Other heat conducting hand pipes such as the metallic accessories accelerate the speed at which the smoke substance burn. This is not good because it changes the taste of the substance to become slightly bitter.


Like old wine which is said to become better with age, the glass pipe becomes better looking with use. As the smoke keeps burning up the pipe due to continuous use, the glass hand pipe improves in shade and color. One would expect to discard the glass pipe as it gets older but actually it becomes more attractive and better looking as time goes by. It has another interesting characteristic and that is some transparency. As the smoke of the lit tobacco comes up the pipe the smoker can observe it through the transparent glass. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/19/marijuana-gadgets_n_3467679.html.

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